May 13, 2009

Things I'm thinking about today

  • Should I seperate my blog into multiple blogs - one for the things related to married life and one related to fitness/health
  • Why are my knees hurting today?
  • Thrift store shopping can turn up some very good bargains.
  • Do I really need the items that I bought today?
  • Turkey bugers for dinner sounds yummy --  but do I want to clean up the mess???
I realize my list is very random, so I am wondering readers, what are you thinking about today???


kilax said...

I am thinking - do I feel too dizzy to exercise? I got a weird dizzy spell last week too and it is freaking me out.

I hope you decide not to split your blogs. I do the same on mine - talk about more than one topic, but tend to focus a lot of health + fitness. I like that it is somewhat varied ;)

- kilax

Anonymous said...

Well today is Friday and I am thinking that I really don't wanna start summer school on Monday. And I really don't wanna get dressed and out of the house cause its the last day I will be able to do nothing for a while. I am also wondering how much longer my papa will be with us?