January 01, 2010

FB's 2009 in Review Questions

FatBridesmaid posted these questions to help bloggers review 2009. I thought it would be fun to play along....

1. Was 2009 good for you? 2009 was a great year for me - a new job, getting married, and finding out we were pregnant
2. What was your favorite moment of the year? March 21, 2009 - my wedding day and July 4, 2009 - the day we found out we were pregnant.
3. What was your worst moment of the year? April - when I realized that my knees were going to cooperate and let me continue my 5K training.
4. Where were you when 2009 began? At our church's "Watch Night Service".
5. Who were you with? I was with Mikey.
6. Where were you when 2009 ended? At Jessica's house - playing the Wii with her, M, and Levi
7. Did you keep your new years resolution of 2009? I don't think I had any resoultions.
8. Do you have a new years resolution for 2010? I have a few goals - but nothing too concrete at the moment.
9. Did you fall in love in 2009? If falling in love with your unborn child counts, then the answer is a resounding YES!
10. Did you make any new friends in 2009? Yes - Shera, Paris, Moondog (and no these aren't their real names)
11. What was your favorite month of 2009? March
12. Why this month? It was the month that I got married and took my honeymoon.
13. Did you travel outside of the US in 2009? Sadly my answer is the same as last year, no. Hopefully this will change one day soon.
14. How many different places did you travel to in 2009? 20
15. Did you miss anybody in the past year? Yes
16. What was your favorite movie that you saw in 2009? Batman - The Dark Knight or The Blindside
17. What was your favorite song from 2009? Big Green Tractor - Jason Aldeen - just because it is sooo cute hearing my nieces sing it.
18. How many concerts or plays did you see in 2009? 0
19. Did you have a favorite concert in 2009? N/a
20. What was your favorite book in 2009? Tuesdays with Morrie - I realize that it is a book that has been out for quite awhile, but I just finished reading it.
21. Did you do anything you are ashamed of this year? No
22. What was the biggest lie you told in 2009?
23. Did you treat somebody badly in 2009? No
24. Did somebody treat you badly in 2009? Not that I can recall.
25. What was your proudest moment of 2009? Wedding Day.
26. What was your most embarrassing moment of 2009?
27. If you could go back to any moment of 2009 and change something, what would it be? I would probably go back and wait a few weeks to tell our family that we were pregnant. The first few weeks were nerve-wracking - hoping things were okay with the pregnancy and wondering how we'd tell our family/friends if they weren't.
28. Where did you work in 2009? The hospital in my hometown
29. Favorite TV shows(s) of 2009? MythBusters, The Good Wife, Chopped, and anything on TLC/Discovery Channel
30. Favorite Band(s) of 2009? Rascall Flatts, Taylor Swift, SugarLand
31. Favorite Food in 2009? Nutella Hazelnut Spread
32. Favorite Drink in 2009? Diet Dr. Pepper
33. Favorite Place in 2009? My couch next to the hubby
34. Favorite person(s) to be with in 2009? M
35. Favorite person(s) to talk to in 2009? Lane or Jessica
36. Favorite trip in 2009? Our Honeymoon to Gaitlinburg, followed by my girl's night out in Savannah, and the June Beach trip with my sister-in-law
37. Favorite stores in 2009? Ann Taylor Loft, Gap Outlet, JC Penney, any sporting goods store
38. Hardest thing you had to go through in 2009? Finding out that my oldest nephew has a few developmental delays.
39. Most exciting moment(s) in 2009? Wedding, pregnancy, new job, remodeling our house
40. Funniest moment(s) in 2009? Anything my nieces/nephews have done.

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