January 04, 2010

Goals for 2010 - Family

Goal: Deepen my relationship with Mikey
  • Devote at least 1 night per week to "hiding out" with M. - Between work, church, family, and friends, M and I often spend little to no time at home during the week. This often leaves us feeling frazzled. Over the next two months, I want to have a least one evening per week where M and I are at home....alone....just taking care of ourselves and the chores that often accumulate at home.
  • Have "date night" each week. - Date night is different from "hiding out". Date night is a night reserved for nothing more than spending time together. No chores allowed on date night!

Goal: Develop stronger relationships with our nieces/nephews.

  • For so long, M and I have been cast in the role of "cool Aunt and Uncle" we are a little nervous that our nieces/nephews will feel neglected upon Joycelen's arrival. In the new year, we want to show them that our love for them does not change just because we now have a daughter.
  • Between now and the end of February, M and I will take our oldest two nephews out for pizza (their favorite meal) and our two oldest nieces out for Mexican. Baby niece Kaitlynn will get a few hours with Aunt Kim and Uncle M all by her lonesome.
  • We will try and have each of the four oldest spend the night with us at least once prior to baby's arrival.

Goal: Reconnect with old friends.

  • In 2009, I was the world's worst at keeping in touch with my friends who lived in other cities. This year I want to do more to keep up with them - and not just via Facebook. I am going to set myself reminders on my calendar to e-mail them each week, and time permitting schedule Skype sessions with each of them.

Goal: Spend more time with our parents

  • This will include lunch dates with my Daddy, shopping trips with my Mama and MIL, and at least two "parents" dinners at our home.

Next up, Fitness....

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