January 12, 2010

Oh Monday, Monday

It seems to be a universal truth that Mondays are notoriously bad days. As a natural optimist, I have already tried to give Monday the benefit of the doubt and approach it with a positive attitude. However, this Monday was a bad day and one I hope not to repeat EVER!

The bad day started with the blaring of the alarm clock at 6:30. I hit the snooze for a moment and then left the warmth of my bed to head to the shower. I stepped in, turn the knob, and nothing.....not a single drop of water. Weird, but I figured that the pipes were just cold. I stepped out of the shower and tried the sink -- still nothing. I then discovered that no faucet worked and the toilets would not flush. My pump had frozen and until it unthawed, I was without water. Thankfully, I had showered the night before, but I had to wash my face and brush my teeth with bottled water from the fridge -- talk about waking up fast.

When I arrived at work, the fun just kept coming. In the span of 12 hours (yep, I at 8 months pregnant logged at 12 hour workday), I had the following happen:
  • My oatmeal exploded in the microwave
  • I missed my desk chair and landed on my bottom -- OUCH!
  • I left my bread (for my lunch sandwich) in the toaster too long and it burnt
  • Did I mention I had to work 12 hours?

I am not whining or complaining -- okay maybe a smidge --- but I though it would be fun to share my Monday mishaps, so that you readers know that you not alone!


Amy Jo said...

I won't go into detail, but I feel like my Tuesday has definitely been a "Monday". I'm so ready to go home and lay on the couch to watch American Idol.

Kari said...

Oh man - sorry to hear that. I hate it when so many things go wrong even if they are small. I guess today was kind of my "Monday" as well, like the previous commenter. It was just busy and exhausting. :(

I hope tomorrow will be a better day for you.

Kristin said...

Is it bad that my oatmeal explodes more than once a week? Ah ha ha