September 26, 2011

18 Months



Dear Joycie,

You are now 18 months old….nearly 19 months old as Mama took a little to long to get around to posting this. But better late than never. Here are your stats for this months:

  • You are 40 inches long and weigh 24 pounds.
  • Clothing sizes are all over the map for you. Since you are long and lean, you can wear anything from 12 months to 24 months. For example, on Sunday you wore a dress that was size 6-12 months. Today you have on a 24 month top and 12 month shorts. 
  • You are now wearing size 5 shoes and should be in size 6 by the end of the year.
  • You have 10 and a half teeth. There is another tooth on the bottom that is attempting to come in – we can see it but it has yet to break the skin.
  • You are still in size 3 diapers….and I am thinking you are going to be in those sizes for quite some time.

Your vocabulary continues to grow. This month you’ve learned to say “Sit down"’, “Come on”, “Up”, and “Hold Me”.

You are learning the names of the various people in our life – both friends, family and schoolmates.  You still love music and dancing.  Whenever you get frustrated, I often turn on your kids music cd and the tears stop immediately.

This month we have started weaning you off of your “pap”.  We went from having it all evening, to just a bed time, to only in the car, to not at all for the last few days.  You are still finding a few stray paps here or there (I wonder how many we bought over the last 18 months), but we are usual able to take them without incident.

You are starting to assert your independence – wanting to pick out your own shoes, dress yourself, or climb into your own car seat.  We are both proud and dismayed by this – as it is a reminder that you are growing up.

We love you to the moon and back!

~Mama and Daddy

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Kathie Brinkman said...

Cute! Kimberly, I am SO GLAD that you have chosen to wean Joycie off the pacifier. There is nothing more disgusting to me than to see a 4 year old walking around with a pacifier in their mouth all the time. Unless a child has some severe developmental issues children do not need that sucking sensation for comfort past infancy. IMHO parents who allow kids to suck on a pacie past 2 are hindering their child from growing and developing normally. Toddlers need to use their voices/make sounds and be tuned in to the world around them, not focusing inward on a plug in their mouths. I'm sure other parents disagree with me but . . . the proof is in the pudding. Keep going with your weaning off plan--and don't revert back! You are helping Joycie grow and develop and explore her world! Remember, no child ever died from lack of a pacie!! There might be times when she screams like she's dying, but she's not. Just help her find a new way to express her feelings or comfort herself.