September 14, 2011

Dress Like a Girl Challenge: Revamping our Bedtime Wardrobe


September's Dress Like a Girl Challenge was to kick it up a notch in the bedroom.  When I am purchasing pajamas, I have a few factors that I have to take into consideration:

1. My husband firmly believes in sleeping in a cool room (think low A/C and a fan blowing), so I have to have pj’s that are warm.

2. I can not stand anything near my ankles when sleeping (weird I know) so pants are not an option.

3. I have an 18 month daughter who likes to pull and tug on my clothing, so I need tops that provide full coverage and are likely to stay in place.

A shopping trip over the weekend, led me to these little gems at my local JC Penney.



These mix and match tees and boy shorts, give me the comfort of my husband tee and boxers, but with a decidely femine shape. The $9.99 price tag meant I was able to stock up on several different options.

Hubby loves to see me in gowns – preferably silk – so I picked up the two gowns below….for a steal.

img-thingSource: JC Penney

gownSource: JC Penney

Melissa posted some great ideas on Monday. Go check her out and let us know how you’ll be revamping your bedtime wardrobe.

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