September 08, 2011

What I Wore: Basic Pieces



This is not the first outfit that I put on this morning. I woke up with intentions of wearing an different top, pants, and cardigan. However, after dressing and living in the look I started to notice things that were wrong.  The top had stray threads from where the collar was unraveling, the cardi had a stain, and the pants are just too big.  So I put the items in a repair bin, a laundry basket, the donation pile and went to work finding something else to wear.

This outfit is pretty basic. It is just a simple sweater and dress slacks. To add a little oomph, I belted the sweater at the waist.  This look proves that you can take basic pieces and use them in new ways.

1 comment:

Amy Jo said...

I think this is my favorite look out of all the ones you've posted. So simple and looks amazing!