September 05, 2011

Weekend Recap: Football Season Begins


September means the end of summer and the start of college football season. While some will miss the hot sunny days of summer, I am excited about cool fall days spent tailgating and crisp fall nights spent in the stadium watching my beloved Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.

Tech kicked off their season on Thursday night – and M, Joycie and I joined my parents to enjoy the pageantry, excitement, and spectacle that is college football. I was even more eager to see how Joycie would react to football.  While we had taken her to the games last season, she was too young to do much but nap thru the games.

DSC_0767I had the camera ready and snapped this picture as soon as we walked into the stadium.  She was bit unsure of the noise, the lights, and the people.

DSC_0768  But she soon grew comfortable enough to prop up and wave at everyone who walked by our seats.

DSC_0769 When the band took the field for the pre-game show, she stood stock still and then broke into a dances.


At the end of the first quarter, we made a concession stand run and Joycie enjoyed a bag of M & M’s all by herself.

DSC_0775At the end of the night, we danced in the stands as the band played our fight song.

DSC_0778  I will admit that Joycie did spend a good deal of time running up and down our aisle, climbing over the bleachers,  and trying to escape to climb the stairs – but all in all I think she did great. I am looking forward to seeing what she does at the next game.

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Sarah said...

Go Jackets! Sting em'!