July 13, 2009

6 weeks

On Saturday I was six weeks pregnant. I have decided to use the blog to document the changes that happening to both the baby (who has been dubbed Peanut by the family) and me as well. Here are the highlights that are happening this week:

  • Peanut is about the size of a lentil bean, which means he/she is roughly a quarter of an inch long.
  • His/Her heart is beating at 100 to 160 beats per minute which is more than 2 times as fast as Mama's.
  • The nose/mouth/ears are beginning to take shape.
  • There have been no major changes for me, although I am finding myself more fatigued these days. Taking naps for 20-30 minutes every afternoon is not an uncommon occurrence.

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NavyBride said...

I was so lucky to skip out on morning sickness, for the most part. But I had what we dubbed the 3 o'clock sleepies for the ENTIRE first trimester. Almost on the dot, I would become completely exhausted at 3pm every day. Then, suddenly, at 12 weeks, I got my energy back again and was great all the way up till about week 36. Hang in there!