July 18, 2009

7 weeks

What's going on with Peanut this week?

The big news this week: Hands and feet are emerging from developing arms and legs — although they look more like paddles at this point than tiny, pudgy extremities. Technically, Peanut is still considered an embryo and has something of a small tail, which is an extension of his/her tailbone. The tail will disappear within a few weeks, but that's the only thing getting smaller. Peanut has doubled in size since last week and now measures half an inch long, about the size of a blueberry.

If I could see inside my womb, I'd spot eyelid folds partially covering his/her peepers, which already have some color, as well as the tip of his/her nose and tiny veins beneath parchment-thin skin. Both hemispheres of baby's brain are growing, and the liver is churning out red blood cells until bone marrow forms and takes over this role. He/She also has an appendix and a pancreas, which will eventually produce the hormone insulin to aid in digestion. A loop in the baby's growing intestines is bulging into her umbilical cord, which now has distinct blood vessels to carry oxygen and nutrients to and from his/her tiny body.

What's happening with Mama?

My biggest issue is still fatigue. As my friend Maria said the afternoon "sleepies" seem to hit everyday around 3:00 p.m. I am learning that if I take a 10-15 minute rest period, I have more energy. And going to bed early also seems to help. I have also had my first few bouts with morning sickness. I am combating them with the usual routine of saltines and sipping gatorade. I have also found that eating a piece of toast as soon as I wake up seems to help.

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Kari said...

The stages of development are so fascinating!

I'm sorry you are still feeling under the weather but glad that it's getting a bit better. Hope morning sickness ends soon!