April 14, 2009

5K Training

I had my 4th training "run" last night. I managed to finish 2 miles in 27 minutes. My workout consisted of a 5 minute warm up at 4.0 mph, 10 minutes of running at 5 mph, 2 minutes of walking at 4.0 mph, 5 minutes of running at 5.0 mph, 2 minute of walking at 4.0 mph, and 3 minutes of running at 5.0 mph.

After last night's workout I feel like I will be able to finish the 5K (in 7 weeks) with a better time than I did last year. :-)


Kathie Brinkman said...

Good for you. Keep it up. I was an "unofficial" distance runner in High School. I was pretty good at it too but sadly, let my low self-esteem get in the way of trying out for the cross country team. I've regretted that for much of my life. Now I feel I'm too old to run; walking is more my speed. So keep it up and if it's something you really love keep at it throughout your life. You'll be very glad you did now and 20 years from now.

Kimberly said...

Kathie - You are never too "old" to run. If you are interested in trying to run again, I recommend the Couch to 5K plan. But as always, you should do what feels best for your body. As long as your being activity at little each day, that is a good thing.