April 23, 2009

Here we go again...

Last year when training for the Blueberry 5K, I injured my knee with what we (the Doctors and I) thought was a tear. But the diagnosis came back severe inflammation and tendinitis. I was given a steroid injection and told to rest the knee - i.e. no running once the 5K was over.
Remembering that injury, the associated pain, and all the limitations it caused...I've been extremely cautious in my 5k training this year. I've started slow, taken rest days between runs, iced my knee after runs, and worn my brace.  And once again, my knee is starting to voice its objections. Yesterday - a rest day - it was swollen, stiff, and felt unstable. I wore my brace once I made it home from work...but it is still that way this morning.
I am going to give my knee another day of rest (I was suppose to run today) and hope that it will be enough. But I have nagging suspicion that my knee is just not going to let me be a runner.

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carla said...


it is too bad about your knee but if I can be POLLYANNA :) for a moment---Im not a big runner and have found intervals of walking and powerpower walking work so so well!

hang in there,