April 08, 2009

Working Out Together

For those readers who followed my old blog , you know that M and I have been "retraining" for the Blueberry 5K that is held in June. Due to all of the wedding preparations, the wedding, and our honeymoon, the month of March was a bust in terms of training.

Now we are 8 weeks out from the race and recommitted to running the race at a better time that we did last year. Our plan is to start at Week 3 of the Couch to 5K plan - running on the treadmill for the remainder of April. In May we will move our runs outside, and the two weeks prior to the race, we will run the race route.

Our first run was Monday. I ran/walked 1.5 miles in 21 minutes. It is not the greatest time that I have ever had, but it was pretty impressive given the fact that I had done no training in a month. M, who is a much stronger runner than me, finished 1.6 miles in about 18 minutes. We are going to do a long walk tonight, and our 2nd training run on Thursday.

I have to say it feels wonderful to be able to train for this type of event with my husband. He does a wonderful job of encouraging me to keep going and pushing me when he sees that I am slacking.

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