April 06, 2009

Prayer Request

This past week, our oldest niece Lacey woke up walking with an exaggerated limp. When questioned by her father (M's younger brother) as to why she was walking that way, she could offer no explanation. Jason decided to take Lacey to the doctor. An x-ray was ordered and it revealed a cyst like liaison on her femur. Immediately an appointment with a pediatric ortho-surgeon was schedule.

Jason, Lane, my MIL and Lacey all met with the doctor on Friday afternoon. The doctor seems to think Lacey has a unicameral bone cyst . However, until a MRI is conducted a definitive diagnosis will not be given. With that being said, all indications are pointing towards Lacey needing a bone graph.

In the interim, Lacey's mobility has been restricted. She is not to run, jump, hop, skip, dance or be on her leg for extended periods of time. During school and church hours, she is in a wheelchair.

I would ask you my readers to pray for several things:

1. Healing for Lacey - I know that the God I serve is the Great Physician and if He desires then Lacey can be healed without medical intervention.

2. Peace for Lacey's parents and her extended family - The thought of a child being in pain is hard for parents to cope with. I can not being to grasp the fear and uncertainity Lane and Jason are feeling as they come to terms with the relatiy that Lacey may undergo surgery. The rest of the family is also burden with worry and fear.....we need your prayers.

3. Lacey's doctor - Pray that he will have the wisdom to make the best choices for Lacey's treatment, so that she can have a complete recovery with minimal pain/discomfort and a short recovery time.

As I know more, I will share the updates with all of you.

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Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are with your family.